Our Almabtrieb

Almabtrieb Celebration at the Larchergut

Almabtrieb - Tradition ganz nah im Zillertal

In autumn, the cattle that had spent the summer up on the high pastures in Ginzling, grazing there on the especially healthy, fresh and nutritious grasses, is driven back down to the valley.

Grazing season in the high country is over, winter is just around the corner, or has perhaps already arrived with the first mountain snows. Now the alpine huts are shut down for the winter until next year, and the men and women who had staffed them are pleased to be returning home.

In order to express thanks for a good, mishap-free summer, and to plead for an equally safe "Huamfahrt" ("homecoming"), prior to beginning the drive the cattle are decked out in their Sunday best. The animals' headdress consists of fir branches and alpine flowers (edelweiss, rhododendron, gentian,…) decorated with feathers, pictures of saints and mirrors. Yet another tradition is to hang bells with embroidered leather straps around their necks. That way, you can already hear the cattle approaching long before they come into sight.

The way home for the Larcherbauer farmer and his hard-working drovers and helpers leads from Ginzling, via the Schluchtstrasse to Mayrhofen, and finally to their home farm here in the community of Hollenzen.

Happy about the healthy arrival of men and cattle, a big, traditional homecoming party, or "Huamfahrerfest", is thrown at the Larchergut - Larcherhof in Mayrhofen. Toe-tapping Zillertal folk music will be performed, and local specialties such as country doughnuts and Melcher-Muas will be offered. And naturally, we will also raise our schnapps glasses once or twice in honor of the past summer.

Attending the homecoming festivities are people from the village, friends of the Larchergut, as well as numerous guests who happen to be spending their holidays in Mayrhofen or the Zillertal at this time. The Eberharters, the family hosting the event, receive a lot of support from the people of Hollenzen, in order to be able to stage the celebration each and every year. In addition, part of the proceeds from the festival are donated to a charitable cause.

If you, too, would like to experience a traditional Zillertal festival, the Huamfahrerfest at the Larchergut in Mayrhofen is definitely for you – we would be delighted to welcome you in person to next year's event.

Urlaub im Herbst im Zillertal
Almabtriebsfest am Larchergut
Almabtrieb in Tirol, Zillertal, Mayrhofen

Video of our Almabtrieb in the year 2014