Our Farm

Your Farm Holiday

By staying at the Larchergut in Zillertal, you have opted for a farm holiday that promises all kinds of variety for your whole family. Our farm has been rated “4 flowers”, providing you with ideal accommodations for an utterly reenergizing vacation experience!

For children and parents, there is so much here at the Larchergut to enjoy. Whether summer or winter: On a farm, there is always something going on. The animals on the farm, especially, light up the kids eyes with joy. Our horses, cows and pigs in the barn, as well as the rabbits, hens and goats, make life on the farm incredibly colorful, and they are always happy to have visitors. In addition, twice a week the children have an opportunity to take a ride on our pony “Lisa”.

Our young guests are able to immerse themselves in everyday life on the farm and set out on what is certain to be an exciting journey of discovery. With astonishment in their faces, they absorb all of the impressions from this unfamiliar world and experience country life from every perspective. Here, your youngsters are always in the best of hands, which also gives you a chance to let go and relax.

Farm holidays in Zillertal go hand-in-hand with naturalness and quality. For example, we produce our own milk and cheeses from hay-fed cattle, while our farming methods are traditional and sustainable. So now it’s your turn: simply to enjoy all of our farm-fresh and regional products.

During your vacation at the Larchergut, come one step closer to Mother Nature and take a glorious timeout from the grey daily routine back home!