Farmers' products

From nature experience to delicious product - cheese

At the Larcherhof, we currently milk 22 cows and we turn the milk, as needed, into cheese and butter at our very own, small cheesery. And so, on the very same day, the fresh milk is processed by hand into the finished product.

In order to guarantee high quality and an incomparable flavor, the cows are fed exclusively with fresh hay and whole grains, as well as fresh grass and alpine herbs when they graze the high country. Our farm is run according to organic principles.

We only use natural cultures, salts and rennet. And beyond that, of course, the secrets of traditional cheese-making handed down through the generations, allowing us to manufacture exquisite cheese specialties such as mountain cheese, butter cheese, Tilsiter and butter.

The cheeses are also allowed to ripen naturally in our own cheese cellar. The cheese is given all the time it needs to mature, generally a period of four months to a year. Our specialty, Zillertal Mountain Cheese, takes the longest of all our cheeses to mature. The special recipe and long maturing process give the cheese a full flavor, whilst the aroma is very intense and unmistakable.

Käseproduktion auf einem Zillertaler Hof
Bauernhof Larchergut in Mayrhofen
Larchergut Mayrhofen im Zillertal

Farmers products: cheese, bacon, sausage, butter

And naturally, we encourage our visitors to sample and taste. In each wheel of cheese, you can taste precisely what went into it – a love for the animal and for nature. It goes without saying, that you will undoubtedly want to take a culinary souvenir of your holidays home with you.

Which is why we have a farm shop where you can buy cheese, sausage, bacon and butter.

Käseproduktion direkt auf dem Larchergut
Urlaub am Bauernhof, Larchergut in Mayrhofen
Urlaub am Bauernhof, Larchergut Mayrhofen